Marketing to teens: Global digital habits revealed (infographic)


Marketing to digital savvy teens can be tricky for brands, with SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube vloggers proving some of the most popular destinations for 16-19 years olds, according to new research.

The new study, from GlobalWebIndex, looks at how 16-19 year-olds across the world behave online.

The data indicates that young people are clamouring for online entertainment without the means or the willingness to pay for it – they are even resisting the advertising model with one third using ad blockers.

Young people are able to access free entertainment and it’s affecting the way they treat it.

Key stats:

• Online entertainment is key for teens; watching video clips is the most popular online activity and half are using TVoD services

• A quarter of teens have used a VPN, with access to better entertainment content being a key reason

• Teens are less concerned about internet privacy so less likely to delete cookies, but they are deploying other tools to control their internet experience, and are more likely than other internet users to be employing adblockers (one third)

• Teens are less likely than average to be paying for online content but 1 in 5 are watching Netflix each month (rising to 58% in the US)

• 3 in 10 US teens are using Snapchat, as are 14% globally. These Snapchatters are most likely to say they are using the service because it is fun, free and popular

• Half of teens watch vlogs each month, but less than 15% discover brands through them and only 1 in 10 use them to research products

View key charts from the report below:














GlobalWebIndex intervieded more than 170,000 internet users across 32 markets – making it the largest on-going study into the digital consumer instigated to date.

In this sample, there were 4,849 individuals aged 16-19.


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