Blockbuster: Minecraft ‘most uploaded game on YouTube of all time’


Open world construction game Minecraft has been named the most-uploaded game of all time on YouTube.

More hours of the Microsoft--owned game have been uploaded than any other game, YouTube revealed as part of its ten year anniversary celebrations.

YouTube launched 10 years ago, back in February 2005. Since then more than 42m Minecraft-related videos have been uploaded. Minecraft is also YouTube's second biggest search term.

Minecraft videos range from simple Let's Plays to extravagant constructions built by teams of people

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's global head of gaming content said: ``It's crazy because Minecraft' is also the second most searched term on YouTube."

He added: "It's a testament to Mojang (Minecraft's developers) understanding the marketing capacity and power of our content creators.''

Rockstar's open-world Grand Theft Auto series holds second place in YouTube's gaming top 10, ahead of blockbusters such as League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA.

The second half of the top 10 table holds some of the more YouTube-friendly indie games - such as Garry's Mod and Five Nights at Freddy's - as well as The Sims and Dota 2.

Surprisingly, Puzzles & Dragon made the list - a huge success in Japan, it is available for iOS, Android and Kindle platforms.

The top 10 in full lies below:

1. Minecraft
2. Grand Theft Auto
3. League of Legends
4. Call of Duty
6. Garry's Mod
7. The Sims
8. Five Nights at Freddy's
9. Puzzles & Dragon
10. Dota 2

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