IBM ties with Facebook for ad targeting project


IBM and Facebook are teaming up to develop tools to help brands improve their digital advertising.

The collaboration will draw on IBM Commerce and IBM's Marketing Cloud to fashion online ad campaigns that can then be distributed through Facebook's ad portfolio.

The new Atlas platform will reportedly help marketers more easily reach target audiences.

IBM's marketing cloud customers will funnel campaigns through Facebook's digital ad portfolio, including Custom Audiences, allowing marketers to reach and build relationships with known customers.

IBM Commerce general manager Deepak Advani suggested in prepared remarks that many brands already understand the need for personalized shopping experiences to build loyal customer bases.

Blake Chandlee, vice president of partnerships at Facebook, followed up that the IBM-Facebook match should offer the tools needed to achieve those goals for companies that might not know where to start.

"Through this collaboration, consumer product companies and retailers will be able to quickly and easily gain deeper insight into what their customers expect and in turn provide them with compelling experiences that bridge the physical and virtual divide," Advani promised.

The agreement comes full circle as IBM can garner more data from Facebook audiences, which could then be applied to other brand channels, such as e-commerce websites, in-store, mobile apps, and potentially even other social media platforms.

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