Unilever Ghana deploys sales app to boost staff efficiency


Unilever Ghana has deployed a mobile app to help the company manage its inventories through precision sales and distribution of products.

LeverEdge is a custom-made software installed on smartphones and other hand-held devices of Unilever sales force.

Using GPS technology The app provides the location for all shops that they sell to boost sales and distribution to stores and wholesale outlets.

“The software can prompt the sales person that in this shop, the person bought a carton of Keysoap last week, and enough of Close-up. By now they should have run out of Pepsodent, so check it. It keeps data on behalf of the salesman,” the Managing Director of Unilever Ghana, Ms Maidie Arkutu, told the Daily Graphic in Accra, shortly after the company’s annual general meeting (AGM).

The app lets the Unilever head office monitor the movement of the sales force. It also allows the sales team to do optimum supply and distribution based on market demand analysis for retail outlets any time.

The Vice President for West Africa, Mr Luc-Olivier Marquet, explained that the application was fully integrated with the company’s information technology system and that of the shops, aiding the company to maintain inventories evenly across outlets and distributor stores, as well as control it from the factory.

“This helps us to be more reactive to products based on trends of sales, and eventually to control sales. If we want to get a long-term sustainable growth, it is really important to get control of inventories that we have in every outlet.”

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