10 astonishing technologies that power Google's self-driving cars (infographic)


Google is leading the way in self driving cars, with its automonous vehicles now hitting public roads in the US. The new infographic from autocare business National lookt at 10 technologies that power the next big thing in transportation.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin envisions self-driving vehicles could usher in a world of less traffic, parking lots and car accidents.

“… if cars could drive themselves, there would be no need for most people to own them. A fleet of vehicles could operate as a personalized public-transportation system, picking people up and dropping them off independently, waiting at parking lots between calls... Streets would clear, highways shrink, parking lots turn to parkland.”

National has assembled an infographic showing the 10 Astonishing Technologies that Power Google's Self-driving Cars below:

10 Astonishing Technologies that Power Google’s

10 Astonishing Technologies that Power Google’s [Infographic]
by the team at National Tyres and Autocare

Source: http://digitalmarketingroi.co.uk/infographics/google-car.html

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