Audi runs vertical video ad for mobile viewing


Audi has teamed up with display ad technology firm Celtra to run a new vertical video format tailored for mobile screens.

Audi from Celtra on Vimeo.

Celtra is launching two new video ad formats – Short form vertical video and Reactive video – further expanding its portfolio of mobile display brand advertising products.

Short form vertical video has been successfully employed by Audi for the Le Mans campaign.

The new format over-performed all key metrics, delivering 36 per cent video completion rate, which is 80 per cent above the Celtra Q1 2015 benchmarks for the automotive industry.

The Short form vertical video format enables brands to successfully transform their TV ad spots into attractive and punchy mobile video ads that are tailored to how video content is consumed on mobile devices. For 98 per cent of the time, smartphones are used in portrait mode and users are extremely unlikely to rotate the device in order to watch an ad. The Short form vertical videoformat serves portrait video content, leveraging the full screen of the device.

The Reactive video format introduces brand video content to mobile audiences in a non-intrusive way. It plays the video as users scroll through the site, responding directly to their native gestures. Reactive video is a highly engaging format that opens up many new creative possibilities for brands and brings the creative to life in a native, user-friendly way.

“Video content consumption on mobile devices is significantly different compared to desktop. Always-connected, on-the-go and constantly interrupted by various notifications, users consume content in many very short bursts throughout the day. With attention spans decreasing, consumers expect ads to be super compact, short and consumable without much effort. Reactive video and especially Short form vertical video are designed specifically for the mobile environment. They both offer a bite-sized, instant and extremely impactful branding experience that fully leverages mobile screen and is at the same time rewarding and enjoyable.” – Matevž Klanjšek, CPO and Co-Founder, Celtra.

“In consideration of our brand values, we are constantly looking for innovation and Vorsprung in media, and aim to partner closely with suppliers who are able to spearhead and deliver media firsts. Celtra’s new mobile technology is born from consumer insights and is perfectly merging media and creative. The campaign performance exceeded expectations by far – achieving results 80 per cent above industry benchmarks.” – Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communication, Audi.

"Mobile video consumption continues to grow exponentially and it is vital to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. MediaCom is delivering on this by working with best-of-breed partners and leading the way in mobile innovation. Celtra’s new formats will help us to continue to enhance engagement by taking user behaviour into consideration, ensuring great content reaches our clients' target consumers." – Ben Phillips, Global Head of Mobile, MediaCom.

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