Google and Twitter reunited: New deal extends tweets to desktop search results


Six years on from their first search partnership, Twitter posts will return to Google’s desktop search results following a renewed deal between the two internet giants.


The two firms agreed in May to place tweets in Google mobile search results, and that the same would apply to desktop at a later time.

Google and Twitter had a similar arrangement dating back to 2009, However, that deal expired in 2011 and was not renewed due to past Twitter COO Ali Rowghani wanting more control over user content.

The new agreement could help boost engagement at Twitter, as Pinterest and Instagram slowly take over a chunk of the market share. This move could be a savior to Twitter’s future as social media moves forward.

It also brings fresh content and commentary from Twitter to Google search queries.
In an update on Friday, Google’s Ardan Arac said, “We’ve extended this to desktop now too, and in English everywhere.”

Currently, Twitter serves 316 million active users. Twitter is growing, but at a much slower pace compared to previous years and compared to competitors. Recent controversy over poor advertising results, user growth and retention has slowed Twitter’s growth.

This new deal with Google search results will allow Twitter to expand its territory. The idea is that as people see tweets show up in search results, they will be more inclined to sign up for Twitter accounts.

In addition, current Twitter users will benefit greatly by having the Google search platform increase their follower base, exposing them to a potentially much wider audience.

View an example of how the tweets will appear in deskop search results here:


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