Google testing video ads in search?


Google is reportedly testing sponsored video ads its search results, following in the footsteps of smaller rivals Yahoo and Bing, according to new research.


According to a report in Digiday, the Google ads are only running as a limited test right now, but it likely seen as a way to get video ads before more searchers outside of their standard method of YouTube.

Google would not comment on any current plans to introduce search video ads, but the company said it has played with the format in the past.

“We’ve experimented with a number of different video search formats over the years but don’t have anything specific we’re launching right now,” the company said.

The move, if true, would mark a significant step to drive its advertisement revenues as search ads have for long accounted for a big share of Google's profits.

Video ads can beef up conversions like product sales and sign-ups, and help drive up ad prices. It can also make the process of search more engaging and therefore more valuable to brand advertisers that have in the past chosen other online ad formats.

Video ads are growing rapidly and grabbing share from traditional display ads. Google is already exposed to this trend through its video platform YouTube.

According to market research firm eMarketer, Google will continue to dominate the global search ad market in 2015. eMarketer predicts that total search spending in 2015 will be $81.6 billion, up from $70.2 billion and $59.2 billion generated in 2014 and 2013, respectively.

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