Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

The Sun now least visited UK newspaper site after paywall

The Sun has published its first website traffic figures for two years, indicating that it is the least visited UK national newspaper website- suggesting its paywall has resulted in a big drop off of users for the UK's best selling print newspaper.

UK newspaper website figures for July 2015 (source ABC)


Technology has ‘created more jobs than it has destroyed’- report

Were the Luddites wrong after all? A new report indicates that technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed in the past 144 years by shifting work to other areas.


The death of the disc (infographic)

As digital becomes the dominant source of media, CDs, DVDs and boxed games have been is steady decline. This infographic from VoucherCloud looks at the death of the disc, and how different music, game and television services are competing with each other to suit the ‘on-demand generation’.


The momentum of mobile (infographic)

As mobile online shopper go mobile, this infographic from Dynatrace looks at the importance of the omnichannel customer experience.



Social media fail: McDonald's refuses Burger King truce in ‘McWhopper for peace’ bid

In a novel marketing stunt, Burger King invited McDonald's to put aside rivalries for just one day, and make a 'McWhopper' for World Peace Day. But all did not go to plan as its larger rival refused to bite the bait…

Instagram case study: Philadephia gets 41% uplift in Christmas sales with party push

Philadelphia was one of the first brands in Australia to use Instagram advertising. The campaign captured the attention of foodies and achieved a lift in key brand metrics as well as product sales.


Instagram case study: L'Oreal exceeds brand recall with winter campaign

L’Oréal Paris ran a winter-themed ad campaign on Instagram in Canada to raise awareness and tell their story. In bold, vividly colored photographs the campaign helped increase both recommendations and ad recall with the cosmetic company’s target audience.


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