European Programmatic ad revenue up 71%: Mobile and video soar


Total programmatic display advertising market in Europe jumped 70.5% from €2.14bn in 2013 to €3.65bn in 2014, according to new data.


The results, announced by IAB Europe at this week’s dmexco 2015 event, indicate that automated ad buying is still dominated by desktop, but mobile and video both both showed triple digit growth.

This year for the first time programmatic mobile and programmatic video figures are broken out.

• Programmatic mobile advertising revenue grew 240% to €552m in 2014 from €230m in 2013, now representing 27.3% of the mobile display market.

• Programmatic video advertising grew 176% to €205m from €76m, representing 12.1% of the online video market.

• Programmatic desktop display is valued at €2.9bn.



The European Programmatic Market Sizing research is produced by IAB Europe and IHS, taking a holistic approach to aggregating the data to ensure all stakeholder perspectives were included. The numbers are based on ad spend reported by IABs, transactional data, statistical and econometric models to infer a European market size and knowledge from industry experts.

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