Google 'Customer Match': Brands can upload email lists for search and video ad targetting


Google has unveiled a raft of new ad products at AdWeek, including a Customer Match service that lets advertisers set bids and create specific ads tailored to customer audience segments built with first-party data.


Advertisers can upload email lists manually or through the API to AdWords. Emails are matched against Google sign-in emails and anonymized.

The company is announcing the new capability during Advertising Week in New York City in a presentation on Monday.

Google says the individual email addresses are anonymized through Customer Match. That means companies won't be able to create personalised profiles of individuals, but they will still be compiling lists with general customer habits like YouTube viewing and Google search histories to target ads with.

For instance, Google will let a retailer you've shopped at upload your email address to Customer Match so that it can serve up ads while you're watching YouTube, searching Google for related products, or checking your Gmail inbox while signed into that email account. The ad product also lets companies create a general audience profile based on existing customers' habits and interests to target new customers when they use Google services.

Read more about the service here

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