Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

Why Facebook wants a ‘dislike’ button

Last week, Facebook revealed it was developing a much-sought-after ‘dislike’ button, giving it even greater insight into the likes and dislikes of its users. New research from Global Web Index sheds light into why the social network is so keen to get an extra layer of emotional data from its users- but what cost to brands?


Latin America has fastest-growing ad market in world

Overall ad spending in Latin America will jump more than 10% in 2015, outpacing all other regions, according to new data.




Third of consumers ‘willing to shop via social media’

With most major social networks carrying ‘buy buttons’, brands are quickly moving into this new market place- but are consumers ready for a more social online shopping experience?


Can Instagram overtake Twitter?

With Instagram having recently opened its platform to all advertisers, new research looks at the ongoing battle between the photo-sharing site and Twitter.



OMO ‘Fast Maths’ app educates South African kids

South Africa may have one of the lowest maths literacy rates in the world, but it’s up there when it comes to tech literacy – the market boasts 86% mobile penetration. Using the latter to boost the former seemed a good opportunity – and laundry brand OMO, with a stated purpose of unlocking human potential – was in a good place to make it happen.

Taco Bell social media ‘Blackout’ drives record app sign-ups

With every major brand trying to make the most noise in social spaces, how do you get people to notice something new? Taco Bell decided to stop making noise altogether. This case study looks at how the US fast food brand shut down its social media accounts to generate hype around its app- driving a huge number of subscribers and making number 22 in the iOS App Store in the process.

How Audi won the Super Bowl with Snapchat

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest advertising day of the year, so how could a car brand stand out from the scrimmage? In 2014, Audi sent followers funny Snapchat pictures relevant to the game in real time. The campaign generated millions of earned impressions and introduced Audi to a new generation of consumers.

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