‘YouTube Red’: The new name for Google’s paid music video service?


YouTube could be about to rebrand its paid-for music video service under the name ‘YouTube Red’, according to a new report.


Android Police spotted the most recent update to the Android app uses a curious ‘YouTube Red’ name for the subscription service.

The new branding only seems to show up as a notification blurb when you leave a video playing in the background as you switch to another app, or as a pop-up when you try to re-open YouTube later.

The phrasing which has been changed only in a single piece of text is used in two places; one will be via a notification the first time a user navigates away while playing a video from the app and second, as a dialog box when re-entering YouTube. The change in wording appeared in a tear-down of YouTube v10.37.

As of now, Music Key allows users to save videos for offline playback and listen to them in the background on mobile devices while providing all the features unlimited Google Play Music subscription.

However, the report does point out that changes to the feature set may also come along with the new name, though none of the recent tear-downs include anything that looks like a subscription-oriented feature.

Google is set to host a major event next week, and it is no secret that the company will unveil two new Nexus smartphones along with the rumoured second-gen Chromecast.

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