Android now ahead of iOS in all regions (infographic)


Android is now ahead of iOS in all global regions in terms of users, with North America finally tipping away from iPhones and IPads, according to new research.

Last week, Google unveiled the new Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, announcing that it had reached the 1.4 billion mark for active Android smartphones around the world.

New data from Global; Web Index indicates that on mobile, Android’s lead peaks in APAC (60%) and LatAm (65%) where it has 5x as many users as iOS. Only in North America, Apple’s home market, do we see this gap shrink.

The tablet contest is closer, with Android having the most commanding lead in LatAm and Europe (where it can boast 2.5x the number of users). However, the gap closes significantly in APAC and, in North America, Android and iOS are neck-and-neck for tablets.


Source: Global Web Index

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