Disney debuts UK video streaming service (but no Star Wars…yet)


Disney is to launch its own subscription-based video streaming service in the UK.

The service, called DisneyLife will feature titles from its gigantic catalogue including the entire Pixar library, which includes films like The Incredibles, Toy Story and Up.

CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe films would not be included, but announced that separate subscription services dedicated to these franchises may be launchd in the future.

When asked why the company is rolling out the service now, Iger told Variety that the decision to finally make all of the company’s titles available through one service came after noticing a cry for change from the consumer base.

“This is the future, in many respects,” Iger said. “We’re seeing more and more opportunities to reach consumers directly and not through middlemen.”

Disney said its new service would give families instant access to hundreds of its films, songs and books for a monthly fee of £9.99.

It will be more expensive than rival services by Amazon and Netflix which have films from a variety of providers in their libraries, but less costly than subscribing to its cable and satellite channels.

Disney told the BBC its new service would “co-exist” with existing streaming services and was launching in the UK because of its “many Disney fans”.

“UK families embrace new technology, and demand more flexible entertainment, and this is supported by superfast broadband connectivity and the proliferation of digital devices in this market,” a spokeswoman said.

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