EE debuts 4G tablet for children


EE has launched a new 4G tablet called ‘Robin’, designed for children and offers internet access and simple parental controls.


Running the Android operating system, Robin also runs Kurio security software which works as a filter for inappropriate content, keeping it safe for children.

The device also comes with a Hopster TV subscription, including a large number of TV shows along with 40 pre-installed game apps.

According to EE, when your child uses Robin, you will be able to monitor your child's internet access with great ease and help him/her find new games and shows on the internet.

Robin will be available for purchase from October 23 and you will be able to choose from Pay as you go and Pay monthly options for your child.

The children's tablet will cost £129.99 on pay as you go and Hopster, the Netflix equivalent for children comes free for three months.

EE also offering damage cover for £4 a month which protects against cracks, smashes and spills with a next day replacement service.

The Robin goes on sale at select EE stores from 23rd October, and will be available through all usual channels from 2nd November.

Existing EE pay monthly customers will not have to pay the upfront cost (usually £29.99) for the Robin if they get the £15 per month contract that runs for 24 months, giving them 10GB of monthly data.


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