New Instagram ads ‘get 17 times more clicks’- report


US furniture retailer RC Willey, the first brand to use Instagram advertising, attained a click-through rate nearly 17 times higher than average, according to new data.

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The Facebook owned social network Instagram rolled out its full screen ad units earlier this year.

Rakuten Marketing ran the campaign for RC Wiley, with early beta access to the new ad tools. Now it has revealed the first performance metrics for Instagram advertising.

RC Willey, saw a click-through rate nearly 17 times higher than a standard prospecting click-through rate, and more than 5,000 post likes during a campaign that ran from September 1-17.

Rakuten Marketing had early beta access to Instagram advertising, giving brands the opportunity to reach a community of more than 400 million on what has become one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms. Access to Instagram advertising is now available for Rakuten Marketing clients in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

In the UK, Rakuten Marketing expects brands in the fashion and travel sectors to be the first adopters of advertising on the social network.

“Instagram provides our brands with a natural and non-invasive way to reach their target audience through incredibly powerful creative,” said Mark Haviland, MD, Rakuten Marketing Europe. “The initial results we have seen in the US show the huge potential of this social network as an advertising platform. The data that Instagram has access to through its parent company, Facebook allows retailers unparalleled, personalised targeting to the millennial audience, as well as the content they are sharing, making it the perfect place for UK brands to connect with current and potential customers.”

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