Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

Are your digital ads really being seen? (infographic)

Viewability is becoming the essential metric for brands – yet how can you test it with any trust? InSkin Media partnered with FaR Partners to investigate online ad viewability.


Email marketing inbox placement drops 4%

Fewer marketing emails are reaching their intended recipients, despite consumers opting in to receive them, according to new research.




A newbies guide to A/B testing (Infographic)

For digital marketers looking to enhance conversion rates and expand their business, A/B testing allows them to get the most out of their web traffic and make informed decisions on their strategy. This infographic offers a guide to how this valuable marketing technique works.

ab testing


Zespri gets kids in China to slice 18bn digital kiwis on Fruit Ninja

Food brand Zespri wanted to create demand for its kiwis in China, where most of the population preferred drinking juice to eating cut fruit. To engage children, the brand partnered with Fruit Ninja on WeChat to create Zespri-branded kiwis. This mobile gaming case study looks at how the brand engaged 680,000 kids across the country completed the 14-Day Challenge in two months.

Second screen case study: Deodorant app pits Survivor stars against viewers

For its “Who Does More?” campaign, deodorant maker Rexona spread its tag line across multiple channels to encourage its target audience to be more active. The brand developed a second-screen experience for Turkish Survivor fans, letting users follow and compete with the contestants’ performance data, getting a turnover growth of 20% in the process.

B2B case study: Russian Ice Cream brand woos small traders with SMS scheme

Unilever’s Inmarko is Russia’s leading ice cream maker. It sought to grow market share and deepen its engagement with trade vendors, one of the brand’s key target audiences. Inmarko developed an SMS program that used codes to unlock rewards, enticing traders to engage more often with the brand.

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