Cristiano Ronaldo surprises town square in ROC headphones stunt


Cristiano Ronaldo, the biggest athlete in the world is hiding in plain sight. Would you have noticed? This viral marketing prank for fashion headphones ROC Live Life Hard, became one of the most shared ads of the year as a mystery footballer dazzled a Spanish town square.

After dressing Ronaldo up in fake facial hair and a padded body suit and schlubby clothing, agency Shareability sent him to a busy plaza in Madrid.

A heavily disguised Ronaldo hangs around the city plaza, kicking around a soccer ball with increasingly impressive moves while still going undetected.

Finally, after beginning to sign a ball for a kid, he takes off the fake mustache and beard to reveal his true identity, as the boy smirks with the knowledge that he’s just been given a very valuable keepsake.

The video appeared on social media outlets without any paid promotion, racking up over 33 million views on Facebook within two days.

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