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Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

The 6 key roles in a digital marketing dream team

As companies become aware of a seismic shift towards digital, they’re investing considerable money into assembling dynamic digital marketing teams. But who exactly are the key players, and what do they contribute? A new blog from the London School of Marketing focuses on how successful campaigns are executed and the key players in a top marketing team.


The Digital Marketing 'Dream Team'

1. The Optimiser- SEO experts both on and off-site

2. The Creative Marketers- To boost engagement with strong content

3. The Strategists & Planners- The problem solvers and long-term thinkers

4. The Analyst- Making sense of the data with actionable insights

5. Social Media Pros- To amplify the message and control damage

6. The Relationship Builders- Keep clients happy, building new contacts and publicising good work

The rise of the Chief Data Officer: Now directly reporting to the CEO

With a flood of consumer data now available to brands, there has emerged a new role: the Chief Data Officer (CDO). New research looks at how businesses are transforming their decision making processes, with big data at the centre.

Breakdown of desired skills for a Chief Data Officer:


Half of Instagrammers 'use networks to research products'

Across five of the biggest platforms, users on Instagram who are most likely to see social networks as a viable channel for product/brand research, according to new data from Global Web Index.


Pollinating a sweet omnichannel experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

As more customers use both the online and offline world to make their buying decisions, new research looks at the ever-more complex path to purchase.


Black Friday leads to ‘Out Of Stock Saturday’ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black Friday will cause £160million worth of stock to be returned over the Christmas period, according to a new report.

Clear Returns_Infographic_FINAL_Resized


Top Christmas ads of 2015: Aldi beats John Lewis

With the John Lewis Christmas ad now a staple of the UK festive calendar, other big stores are also raising their game in the yuletide marketing stakes. New research polled families to rate the most effective TV spot this year, with Aldi coming out on top.

Viral case study: Purina gets puppy love with Buzzfeed powered campaign

In July 2015, Pet food brand Purina teamed up with Buzzfeed to show the unbreakable bond between man and puppy, earning 8 million YouTube views with a strong story-telling campaign.

Content marketing case study: Viral prank surprises shoppers by showing their 'Disney side'

What happens when Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Ana, Elsa, Olaf, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear and other Disney Characters magically surprise unsuspecting shoppers? This viral video from Disney caused a huge buzz in February 2015, getting 5 million YouTube views in the process.

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