Mobile video ads 'increase purchase intent by 104%' [INFOGRAPHIC]


Using mobile video ads more than doubles purchase intent and increases brand awareness by 10% and brand consideration by 37%, according to new research.


The study, from Widespace, reveals details of how campaigns can improve brand metrics and their guidelines for success.

Following the launch of their StreamView mobile video ad format earlier this year, Widespace revealed insights regarding user behaviour and the effect on brand metrics of the new format.

Aside from doubling purchase intent (compared with those who hadn’t been exposed to the campaign) video ads also increased brand awareness by 10% and brand consideration by 37%.

Widespace also shared details of how to create successful video campaigns in the mobile advertising landscape, revealing that nine out of ten of us would never click on a mobile ad, even if we found the content engaging.

Adrian McDonald, Chief Product Officer at Widespace said “Our StreamView format has helped us expand our knowledge of user behaviour. We have identified that videos starting to play in screen offer a better reach and make it easier for advertisers to engage audiences with relevant messages. This is because no click is required.”

As users are turning away from traditional TV viewing, video consumption on digital platforms is growing fast. Mobile video solutions are not depending on prime time ad slots during the evenings, since users are carrying their smart phones all day. Consequently, advertisers can increase their scope and reach their target audiences in more mindsets and settings than before.

Widespace’s StreamView results, based on completed campaigns, have shown that they increase brand awareness. In addition, the format increases purchase intent by 104% compared to people who have not been exposed to the campaign format.

Widespace has compiled a series of guidelines based on the insights from the completed campaigns and several Brand Impact surveys among users:

Top five guidelines on how to create successful mobile video ads:

  • Make sure to select a video solution where no click is needed, 90% of people don’t even click on ads they find interesting.
  • Communicate your message early and show the audience who you are, about 55% of all users drop off during the first three seconds.
  • Customise your message and video clip to fit this time range, the 45% of people who still watch your video will only continue for about 10 seconds.
  • Make sure to create engagement in the video that doesn’t require sound, only 2% of all completed videos happen in full screen
  • Avoid small details, remember that the video is watched on a mobile display.
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