New ‘folding’ Google Glass revealed


Google has revealed a new version of its Glass wearable computer, aimed at enterprise businesses such as healthcare and manufacturing.


In filings with the American Federal Communications Commission, the search firm has published the first pictures of the redesigned device, which now features a foldable arm holding a much larger screen.

Google Glass 2.0. will apparently feature an improved battery and 5GHz Wi-Fi for better connectivity.

“The camera button is located on top of the device near the display”. While there has been no official word about it from Google, recent FCC filings give us a glimpse at the revamped device.

According to a report by Ars Technica, the device looked nearly exactly as the existing Google Glass that was released 2 years ago.

The news comes a few months after the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Google a patent to record live experiences using a “wearable computing device” for later playback.
The relaunch could be followed later by a new consumer version. But for now, the device will be aimed at business customers who gain immediate value from having a head-mounted display.

Obvious use-cases include surgery and manufacturing, where hands-free access to a voice-controlled screen can be extremely useful.

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