Vine founder debuts 'Peach' social network app with 'Magic Words'


A new social network from the founder of Vine has launched, with a hashtag-style tagging system to help users find related content more easily.


Peach uses 'Magic Words'- a list of text commands that make posting specific content easier.

For instance, typing 'draw' allows users to start doodling, 'GIF' brings up an in-app search engine for short-form video content, 'Here' broadcasts your location, and 'Move' reveals the number of steps you've taken.

The idea is to give users a broad range of ways to express themselves and interact with others, without the need for imposing menus and toolbars.

The Peach messaging app was created by the man behind video sharing app Vine.

Peach joins a growing list of upstart social networks aiming to take on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ello, Meerkat and Yo! have all made ripple in recent years but none have broken into mainstream adoption.

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