Global social media trends: 93% of adults have social media account [INFOGRAPHIC]


Online adults have an average of 6 social media accounts, but Facebook continues to dominate the lot, according to new research.


The research, conducted by GlobalWebIndex on the social media landscape, shows it maybe a little too late for Twitter to spread their wings, as Facebook hits all time high engagement.

93% of online adults have at least one social media account, however shockingly the average online adult holds around 6 social media accounts, and engages actively with 3.5 of them at once.

Below are some further stats from the research:

• Facebook has the highest engagement due to 54% of their users visiting Facebook more than once a day, while users for Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all fall under 35%

• Facebook tops the social media charts with 81% of online adults holding an account. While Twitter has nearly half as many members (48%)

• Age doesn’t seem to matter when engaging with Facebook services (FB, WhatsApp, Instagram). There is only an 18% decrease in engagement from 18-24’s to 55-64’s

• Facebook tops the social apps chart with 51% usage, yet also leads the messaging apps leader board with Facebook Msgr. ahead of WhatsApp and Skype.

View the full infographic below:

View larger image here



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