Video viral of the week: Burger King mocks McDonald's commercial with 'new ending'


McDonald's recently ran a commercial showing off how many more 'golden arches' restaurants exist in France, compared to its rival Burger King. In response, Burger King has provided a twist ending. See why its our video viral of the week below...

As part of a marketing stunt last week, McDonald's put up billboard in France gives directions to a rival Burger King.

Of course, the Burger King happens to be 258 kilometers away, so the directions get complicated. The ad says that there are more than 1,000 McD's drive-thrus in France. And if you happen to be where this sign is, there's one just 5 kilometers away, a tiny companion billboard points out. Meanwhile, BK has fewer than 20 in France.

The signpost emphasised the difference:


In response, Burger King decided to 'thank' McDonald's by creating their own 'end' of the ad acknowleding the amount of McDonald’s drive-thru locations in France and the proximity of their service.

The ad shows a couple that only stop at McDonald's for a fuel their long drive to get a Whopper meal at Burger King.


The ad was created by agency Buzzman on behalf of Burger King.

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