Video viral of the week: Geico returns with 'Fast Forward’ pre-roll ads


Insurance firm Geico has followed its hugely successful ‘Unskippable’ ads with a new series that dares a user to ‘fast forward’ through compelling YouTube ads. See why its our video viral of the week below…

To get over a very simple message (which doesn’t appear in all the ads) that “15 minutes saves up to 15%” it inverts the online medium itself with ‘Fast Forward,’ spoofing typical pre-roll video ads.

The premise is that you can fast forward these but the ending is so enticingly bonkers that you want to see the whole thing.

They show the very beginning and the very end of longer ads, but fast-forward through the middle. And if you're curious about what happened in the middle (and the ads suggest that some really odd stuff went down), you can click through to see the full spot.

Created by The Martin Agency, the series of 15-second films feature a sequence of random events that Geico hopes viewers won’t be able to click away from.

View the full series here:

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