Porsche turns magazine ad into floating hologram (some assembly required)


Porsche has launched an interactive hologram print ad that projects a floating 911 car above a tablet… provided the reader does a spot of origami first.

Working with ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, the automaker is running a special spread in about 50,000 copies of Fast Company's April issue for a select group of affluent subscribers.
One of those pages includes a small acetate prism, along with directions for assembly.

Placing the prism atop a tablet computer—while it runs a video from 911hologram.com—brings shimmering 3-D footage of the latest Porsche 911 to life.

Speaking to AdWeek, Marshall Ross, chief creative officer for Porsche's ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, said: “The goal with the ad campaign is to give the audience "a feeling of intrigue and curiosity," said Both the prism and the video went through many levels of trial-and-error to get it just right, both to ensure the video looked right and that the prism survived the printing and shipping process to get to the reader in one piece.

"We maximized the size of the prism within the constraints of the publication's page size and affixed it to the insert so it was secure yet easily removable without tearing,"



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