WHSmith installs digital ads in shop windows


WHSmith is announcing its latest digital advertising initiative with the launch of digital display screens in the windows of 100 stores across the UK.


Partnering with StreetAd, the digital out of home screen provider, the screens mark an investment in the high street, carrying both WHSmith’s own promotional and marketing messages, as well as third party regional advertising.

The first screen went live over the Easter weekend, and full installation is expected to be live by the end of May.

The digital displays are delivered by 55” LCD screens and carry a combination of WHSmith promotional material and marketing messages, plus third party national, regional and local advertising. The first screen went live over the Easter weekend and is now broadcasting in the Harrow store, with the remainder of the network to be completed by the end of May. StreetAd are responsible for the provision of the screens, operating the network and securing third party advertising and sponsorship deals.

By introducing these screens, WHSmith will become the first multiple convenience store group to move from traditional posters to digital advertising in their windows, in a shift that marks the future of the British high street, and maintains links with local businesses.

StreetAd and Activate CEO, Mike Cottman, comments: “With WHSmith leading the way, we’re confident other retail groups will follow. The time has come for digital screens to replace paper posters. In addition, screens such as these can provide a live platform which can be used to enhance social communication with local customers, as well as deliver voucher issuance and redemption opportunities for retailers, consumers and advertisers in the local area.”

Ian Sanders, Group Commercial Development Director at WHSmith, adds: “The outdoor advertising industry has accepted digital display advertising as the way forward and retailers on the high street are now realising their real estate is also the perfect platform for digital out of home marketing. WHSmith is proud to become the first high street convenience store to make this transition, and the screens will give our stores both advertising and communication standout, whilst monetising our windows with complete compliance and control.”


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