Facebook ‘Reactions’ boost engagement


A couple of months on from Facebook’s launch of “Reactions”, Facebook has seen its new set of emojis boost engagement with the service, according to new research.

The data, from Global Web Index, indicates that the replacement of the one-size-fits-all button appears to have been a hit among Facebook’s users.

A clear upswing in the number of Facebookers “liking” things on the platform since the new button was launched. It’s now a sizable 8 in 10 who are clicking “like” or "reacting" to posts each month – a 16-point jump on the previous quarter.

By giving users a greater range of ways to react to their friends’ updates, Facebook is converting its less-engaged users into more active ones. And the more things people click while using Facebook, the more granular the data it will be collecting about how people emotionally respond to content.


Source: Global Web Index

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