KFC partners Baidu for robot powered store in China


Chinese internet giant Baidu and KFC have teamed up to launch a concept store in Shanghai that uses conversational robots as servers.

Called 'KFC Original+' the restaurant will demonstrate the voice interaction, smart food-ordering and holographic projection capabilities of Baidu's robotic personal assistant Duer.

This is the first time Duer has been deployed in a commercial setting.

Duer relies on voice recognition, intelligent search and similar technologies to communicate with users. Users can interact with Duer using natural language to pay for food at KFC. The robot can also use its 360-degree holographic imaging technology to illustrate the process behind KFC's signature fried chicken dishes.

Baidu has also said that users can say "Duer I want to eat KFC" while the Baidu Mobile Search app is open to complete the online food-ordering process.

The pear-shaped robots are designed to be cordial and engaging, ushering customers through their ordering process.

While offering smarter and more convenient ordering processes, the “Original+” concept store has enhanced the brand’s fun side by offering the consumers a series of specially designed entertainment experience.

In terms of audio experience, stylish “Music Charging Tables” were designed, where the consumers can place their cell phones capable of wireless charging inside the charging area, so that while the phones are being charged, the consumers can enjoy a list of songs customized by BaiduMP3 for the store.

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