How to convert online leads into sales [INFOGRAPHIC]


Increasing web traffic is great, but how can you convert online leads into actual sales? This new infographic from Parker Software looks at how to drive ecommerce conversion rates.

The infographic (see below) indicates that the average conversion for online sales stands at just two percent.

To help ecommerce businesses combat these low conversion rates, Parker Software has compiled 50 tips to support businesses struggling to make ecommerce work for them into a downloadable infographic.

There are a number of web elements that can affect online traffic and ecommerce conversion rates. For example, by developing unique landing pages for different search terms, a business can naturally push its customers in the right direction, increasing the likelihood of closing sales. Website layout, design and imagery are equally as important. Extensive blocks of text, off-brand colours and the overuse of stock photography are likely to clutter a website, burying your call to action (CTA) and confusing your customer.

In the infographic, Parker Software highlights the technical factors that also need to be taken into consideration. Inevitably, responsive design makes for an improved user experience.

However, businesses should also consider undertaking A/B testing for their websites to help them make informed decisions on design. Lastly, Parker Software outlines the benefits of personalised engagement, including live chat software, targeted display banners and implementing appropriate pop ups.


“Over the past decade, ecommerce has become a fiercely competitive realm. Considering the shifting nature of the industry, the way that online businesses deal with potential customers has to change,” explained Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software. “For too long, web traffic has been seen as little more than a metric, but in truth, businesses need to exploit this valuable data.

“Conversion rates for ecommerce stand at a disappointing average of just two per cent. However, even if this were boosted by a tiny one percent, it would achieve an impressive 50 percent uplift in sales. Conquering conversions is not a simple task, but by taking measures to capitalise on every lead, all businesses have the potential to increase their revenue.”

Parker Software has recently launched ProspectAgent, its lead generation software that provides reverse IP look up to identify visitors to websites, allowing businesses to identify and focus on key inbound leads. This allows businesses to act on hot sales leads to reduce the amount of lost opportunities.

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