YouTube ad viewability reaches 93% [INFOGRAPHIC]


Google has revealed the latest viewability stats for its video ad formats, claiming that it is outperfoming the industry by 93% compared to 66% from the rest of the web.


Viewability is a relatively new online advertising metric that aims to track only impressions that can actually be seen by users.

For example, if an ad is loaded at the bottom of a webpage but a user doesn’t scroll down far enough to see it, that impression would not be deemed viewable.

Viewability is designed to let advertisers pay only for the ads that users could possibly see.

Google’s new report looking at the state of the global programmatic video market including - the state of video viewability on YouTube and across the web and apps, new deal types like programmatic direct, the best ways to reach mobile and cross-screen viewers, brand-safety and avoiding ad fraud.

Report key insights:

• The average viewability of YouTube ads globally has increased to an industry leading 93%. Meanwhile, 66% is the average for video ads (not including YouTube).

• 85 of the Ad Age Top 100 advertisers bought programmatic video on Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) and 23% of them did so for the first time in 2015.

• Google’s ad platforms saw over 7X growth in programmatic video impressions bought by those advertisers during 2015.

• Programmatic video revenue for TV and media companies increased 6X in 2015 on DoubleClick for Publishers.

• Video spend by advertisers using Programmatic Direct on DBM grew more than 7X in 2015.

View the 4 part infographic showing YouTube and general web viewability stats:






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