Nestlé teams up with Salesforce for 'digital lab'


Nestle has opened a digital lab inside SalesForce's New York office for its water brands, becoming the first brand to intagrate with the CRM giant in this way.


The "consumer engagement center" is aimed at improving personalised consumer digital communications for , including Nestle Waters North America divisionbrands such as Pure Life, Poland Spring, Perrier and S. Pellegrino.

The Consumer Engagement Center will be housed within the Manhattan offices of Salesforce in a "unique, lab-like atmosphere".

The deal marks the first time the the popular CRM platform has hosted a client permanently on-site, according to Salesforce.

The centre will include a mix of Nestle and Salesforce employees, and aims to offer a real-time view of the consumer journey with the brands bottles water products.

“Every conversation about beverages on a social platform represents an opportunity for us to engage with our consumers,” said Antonio Sciuto, Chief Marketing Officer, Nestlé Waters North America. “We are moving beyond building databases to cultivating communities by delivering personalized content based on the specific needs of our consumers to deepen their engagement and advocacy.”

“Smart companies like Nestlé Waters North America understand that effective marketing is moving from batch and blast campaigns to intelligent customer journeys,” said Stephanie Buscemi, EVP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Salesforce. “The Salesforce Customer Success Platform provides Nestlé with a transformative way to holistically manage the customer experience and connect the dots across sales, service, community and marketing.”

“For us, digital marketing is no longer simply about reach and frequency. Marketing is evolving into personalized consumer experiences, and our mission in this new reality is to better understand consumer needs, behaviors and trends so we can delight them on every single occasion. We use analytics and modeling to find other people with similar interests. We want to invite them into the conversation and continuously improve our marketing effectiveness,” continued Sciuto.

“Digital command centers are intelligent nerve centers that let brands quickly track digital moments and respond appropriately … For an increasing number of CMOs, such a center delivers actionable insights to improve market research, better support customers, and drive
sales,” wrote analyst Clement Teo.

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