Digital agency debuts ‘Faraday’- a print magazine for technophiles


Digital agency CHC Digital has launched London's first free paper dedicated exclusively to all things tech called Faraday Tech News.


The quarterly print magazine which will be handed out for free in places where London’s technorati congregate.

Harrison Williams, founder and director of CHC Digital, says: “It may sound paradoxical for a digital agency to opt for an old-school paper-based product; but even in today’s increasingly virtual world, there is still a demand for quality real-world products which people can take the time to digest, savour and learn from.”

He continues: “We love digital – but we also love tactile, tangible things that are well-designed and beautifully crafted. The two are not mutually exclusive; indeed, we plan on making Faraday a place where technology can seamlessly transition from digital to the real, physical world. The challenge is that online everything changes so fast, it’s difficult to step out of the information flow and take a moment to think about what’s new and really process why it matters and what it means.”

Faraday will be a ‘cheat sheet’ into technology that makes the world a better place, allowing the general public to quickly digest all the need-to-know information in work, life and play.

The first issue of Faraday hits the streets on September 22nd, with 10,000 copies distributed at places including Bond St, Paddington and Victoria.

Faraday will be continually posting news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and monitoring responses to find out what people are most interested in. It will then report on the content that gains the most interaction and expand on it in its next issue.

Williams says: “We want feedback from our readers and we want their contributions and suggestions, so our target audience feels like every issue is shaped by their insights, interests and intellect.”

Faraday is named after one of the greatest of all scientific minds, Michael Faraday, the man who almost single-handedly developed the basic principles of electro-mechanical engineering and was arguably the grandfather of today’s technology. At the same time, he was a deeply moral man who tried to understand the effect that the science he was creating had on the world around him.

Harrison Williams concludes: “Faraday has been crafted to be a space where we can share experiences, opinions, insights and predictions so we can make more informed decisions. Our ambition is to change the way people use and interact with technology, by reintroducing humanity and personality to an industry which is in danger of losing it. Ultimately, we want to celebrate the great minds that provided us with the innovations that have fundamentally changed our lives.”

For a full list of distribution outlets, click here.

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