EyeFitU app lets customers shop in their size


EyeFitU a new fashion portal that aims to solve the eternal problem of the lack of uniformity of sizing in fashion, has gone live.

The app helps brands improve the shopping experience of their customers by providing size suggestions.

EyeFitU has collaborated with high profile affiliated fashion houses: The app has 45+ online stores and 100s of brands such as Matchesfashion, Ted Baker, Net-à-Porter and Mr.Porter, Karen Millen, Asos, Warehouse and River Island. EyeFitU works with these affiliated brands to match users’ profiles and measurements with the brands size charts so shoppers can be sure of always getting the right fit leaving retailers to give their customers the very best shopping experience.

From retailers’ point-of-view, the app is a real game changer in terms of returns. According to research carried out for the BBC in May 2016 almost two thirds of shoppers who bought women's clothes online sent at least one item back. Researchers who questioned over 1,000 online shoppers found women's clothing had been returned by 63% of shoppers, with a huge cost to the retailers.

EyeFitU’s back end technology platform matches size charts of each brand to consumers’ measurements, giving size suggestions for many different categories of garments, shoes and accessories. Its sizing engine is a world’s first and it combines statistical data, user body sizes, measures, preferences and feedback with the the sizing of the clothing. The combination of information provided by users, brands/retailers, statistical data and user feedback continuously improves the the algorithm and sizing recommendations.

The result is a better shopping experience for the customer and, when they have the confidence that their purchase will fit perfectly, customers will be keen on going back to the same brands and outlets.

The multiple profiles feature, which allows users to shop for their beloved ones simply adding their measurements, is a chance for brands to gain new customers who haven't dared before to shop for others, afraid of a wrong fit.

With m-commerce on the rise EyeFitU aims to match the online fashion shopping experience with that of one in-store, giving sizing recommendations that will let people shop with as much confidence as if they had tried the items on in the changing room. The app additionally helps people shopping in store by showing them items that are their sizes and also alerting customers to sales and new product lines.

The EyeFitU platform is the brainchild of Isabelle Ohnemus, EyeFitU’s CEO who has over a decade of investment banking experience. Isabelle is the inspiration and driving force behind EyeFitU having developed the business idea and model herself. The EyeFitU idea was born out of Isabelle’s frustration with the plethora of different sizing options across brands, stores and countries. Her passion is fashion, and she wants to eliminate the frustration of ill-fitting garments and dealing with lengthy product returns.

“Whether you’re a consumer or retailer, every stakeholder in the fashion industry is confronted by the same huge challenge of sizing. There is no standardisation for sizing in the fashion industry as each brand has a different size chart for each garment type. Plus there is the issue of country sizing. EyeFitU eliminates all these sizing challenges and let designers size the way they desire with the EyeFitU smart sizing algorithms delivering the best possible recommendations for consumers,” said Isabelle Ohnemus:

“Like designers and retailers we want people to focus on the fun of shopping – discover trends, looks and inspiration, instead of being distracted by sizing and return issues, or going back and forth between online shops and fashion apps. At EyeFitU, via the app or the website, users can see clothing available in their size as well as browse and get inspired by a whole world of fashion on one platform.”

She added: “Purchasing optimum-fitting garments has a direct knock-on effect reducing the number of returns for ill-fitting fashion products, saving both retailers and consumers time and money. EyeFitU is a tool to inspire fashionistas: The EyeFitU integrated curation functionality inspires people with the latest trends, and our global online fashion store takes one-stop-shop to a whole new level.”

EyeFitU, available today on iOS and Android mobile devices. EyeFitU will save customers a huge amount of time and save retailers millions in the cost of returns, creating a trusted and personal shopping environment that will become indispensable for retailers who want to build loyalty with an excellent user experience.

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id747808894

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eyefitu.Eyefitu

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