Google debuts AI-powered chat app "Allo"


Google is taking on the likes of WhatsApp and Apple's FaceTime with a new messaging app called Allo, featuring a robotic assistant that will suggest automated responses to texts.

Allo uses image recoinition and other AI techniques to help users send auto repsonses and also suggest actions via a bot called "Google Assistant".

The free app is avaialable on both Android and iOS and is pitched as Google’s answer to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Google Allo combines chatting with stickers and Snapchat-style photo scribbling.

The company explains that the integrated AI in this version of Allo is a “preview” of what’s to come, so expect its reach to expand in further iterations.

For every response it gives, it will suggest other questions. This makes the interaction feel more like a two-way conversation.

Read more about Google Allo's features here

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