IPhone 7 launch: What Are We Searching For?


Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 7 will be available for pre-sale from the 7th September. Hitwise, a division of Connexity, has uncovered what Brits hope to see in the new update.

Although Hitwise’s research shows there is a demand for the iPhone 7, speculation around Apple’s plans to postpone all major updates ahead of their 10th anniversary next year has impacted the nation’s appetite.

Searches for features and specs lead the way, followed by price and colour.

Hitwise has found that:

- Overall searches for the iPhone 7 are at a lower rate than those searching for the iPhone 6 ahead of its launch in 2014.
- Brits are searching to compare the iPhone 7 with the Samsung Galaxy (0.10% share of searches) and Note (0.21%)
- Of all iPhone 7 searches, the iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular search query with 1.22% share of searches
- The rumours behind the iPhone 7’s dual camera has been a popular search query for Brits (0.30% share of searches).
- Speculation around the next iPhone colours has generated 0.35% share of searches, with blue leading search interest (0.29%) followed by rose gold (0.18%).

Interest is lower than the iPhone 6—but what about the 7 Pro and Plus?
As seen in the graph below, there has traditionally been a spike for iPhone searches in the run up to September. This year, searches spiked when the ‘SE’ was released, then dropped off until May. IPhone 7 searches have then been on an upward curve, but are fewer than the overall share of searches for the iPhone 6 in 2014.

Interestingly, the term “iPhone 7 Pro” is receiving a significant amount of share of searches (0.52%), though not as much as the “iPhone 7 Plus” (1.22%).

Searches for features and specs lead the way, followed by price
Many consumers want to know what is new and improved as they decide whether they want to upgrade from their current smartphone. In fact, over the past weeks, searches comparing the iPhone 7 vs. the Samsung Galaxy (0.10% share of searches) and Note (0.21%) have been common.

Reports are also swirling on the web that the iPhone 7 will have a dual camera to increase stabilisation, reflected in the popularity of searches for “camera” (0.30% share of searches).

The next most searched topic is pricing—perhaps a more significant factor now that many users are doing away with subsidised phones and accompanying two-year contracts. Unsurprisingly, many consumers are searching for the cost of the handset (0.93% share of searches), closely followed by UK specific pricing (0.22%), to inform their decisions before deciding to purchase.


Colours are becoming more important to consumers

As with the iPhone 6s release, British consumers are searching for information around the next iPhone colours (0.35% share of searches), with blue leading search interest (0.29%) followed by rose gold (0.18%).

As a result of incremental predictions around the iPhone 7, Hitwise expects to see search anticipation for the iPhone 8 next year to surpass both the iPhone 6 and 7 in terms of search interest. Coinciding with Apple’s 10th anniversary, the announcements made next year about the iPhone 8 are likely to generate even more curiosity.

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