myGwork and Gay Star News create worldwide hub for LGBTI professionals


Business social network myGwork has partnered with publisher Gay Star News to create the largest online hub for LGBTI professionals in the world.


myGwork is an online network for LGBTI professionals, helping organisations promote their LGBT-friendly credentials.

myGwork’s partners wanted the network to grow faster and stronger and for more LGBTI professionals and students to see their profile and jobs.
myGwork consulted with partner organisations about which publication would best serve their interests and image and concluded Gay Star News was the best match for their corporate clients.

Gay Star News is a leading global online publication for the LGBTI community. Last year it launched a business section – Gay Star Business – within the website. GSN also runs Digital Pride, the biggest online Pride event in the world, allowing everyone to participate, even if they live in countries where being LGBTI is still a crime. GSN also partners with prides around the world, including Student Pride in the UK.

myGwork and GayStarNews will now work together to promote diversity and inclusion for LGBTI professionals and graduates.

The partnership will give organisations in the myGwork network even more visibility. Gay Star News multi-million monthly readership will be able to see organisations’ credentials in the diversity space. A ‘JOBS’ tab has been installed on Gay Star News redirecting users to the myGwork job page. Gay Star News will also share stories from myGwork individual and corporate members.

As Gay Star News has a worldwide readership, companies will be able to send a message globally and myGwork can offer employment opportunities all around the world. Companies that operate in countries where it is still illegal to be LGBTI can use this partnership to support their LGBTI employees despite local repressive laws.

GSN and myGwork believe their new relationship will help their overall shared vision: To build the leading space for information, help and support for LGBTI people around the world.

Adrien Gaubert, co-founder: “Everyone can post a job on myGwork – individual and companies. This job will be seen by millions of people, which is fantastic for anyone struggling in their workplace because it showcases how their next role can be in an inclusive company.”

Pierre Gaubert, co-founder: “This exciting opportunity will allow myGwork to grow even bigger. The partnership will benefit both our individual and corporate members, enabling them to grow their network and to be seen as LGBT friendly by the largest possible audience.”

Tris Reid-Smith, co-founder, said: “This new partnership offers a powerful extra service to GSN’s audience. We believe it will encourage more companies and organizations to have a deeper and more meaningful engagement with the LGBTI community globally, benefiting everyone.”

Mark Gossington, Partner at PwC, said: “We are delighted to have joined myGwork to build on our focus on recruitment and business networking for LGBTI people. We are currently celebrating PwC’s Global Diversity Week and the upcoming BiVisibility Day so this is the perfect timing for us to be joining forces with myGwork and increasing our visibility as a leading employer in this space.”

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