Nearly half in US owns a streaming stick or smart TV


The rise of “cord-cutting” continues in the US, as nearly half (45%) in the US population own a streaming stick or a Smart TV

The study, from Global Web Index, found that globally, it’s now 1 in 3 internet users who have a smart television and 12% who own a TV streaming device.

There’s not inconsiderable overlap between these two devices, however, with about 1 in 5 smart TV owners having a streaming stick too. So, it’s not always the case that people have one or the other.

At a country level, Mexico and the USA set themselves apart, both being places where close to half of internet users own one of these devices. Highly relevant to this is that the US is home to many of the leading OTT services like Netflix, and that consumers in the Americas tend to watch TV for the longest period of time per day.


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