Google lets users know best time to book cheap flights


Google is taking on Skyscanner with a new feature that alerts mobile users to the best times to get a good deal.


Google Flights service Skyscanner will now tell you when the price of a flight is expected to rise, as well as allowing you to track changes in ticket prices by email.

Google Flights already offers a calendar feature, showing how prices fluctuate across forthcoming months, but the new functionality makes tracking price changes even simpler.

When searching for a flight, users will now see a notification next to certain flights saying when prices may rise, based on historical flight data.

By tapping the notification, they'll be able to see how likely it is the price will change, and by how much, making it easier to book the most affordable tickets at the right time.

The new feature will also provide more in-depth information once a particular flight is selected, telling users when the price is likely to change, down to the hour.

The company has also added an email notifications feature that alerts users when prices are expected to increase or decrease, as well as when the prices actually change.

Meanwhile, a new notification bar which offers tips on picking the best route for a specific destination.

The notification will recommend alternate airports or dates, and can inform you about when prices are expected to increase and by how much.

There's no official launch date for the new features, but Google says it will be available in the coming weeks

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