Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

Is web analytics ‘under-reporting’ Facebook revenue?

Attributable revenue from Facebook ad campaigns might be higher than web analytics lead them to believe, causing advertisers to report lower return on investment from Facebook, according to new research.



Burberry tops the league of UK brands on Instagram

Burberry, Primark and Alexander McQueen are the most influential UK brands on Instagram in 2016, according to new research.


Global app usage: Facebook most installed (but WhatsApp gets most users)

Findings from a new multi-country study of over 4,000 smartphone users across the UK, US, France and The Netherlands reveal how messenger apps are used and viewed by consumers today.




Britons among world’s least likely to try mobile-only banking

Despite the number of mobile-only banks set to launch in the UK this year, Britons are among the least likely in the world to use them, according to new research.


Global TV habits of young adults: Time shifting and reality TV dominate

The way young people consume media is changing rapidly across the world, with a focus on time-shifting and reality TV content, according to new research from Eurodata TV.



YouTube case study: Wendy’s "click your own adventure" BBQ boosts purchase intent

To build love among an audience that had shifted interests and media behaviours, Wendy’s had to reinvent its marketing strategy from the ground up. This meant transforming its approach (and media plan) from spending less than 5% on digital to one where platforms like YouTube anchored its efforts.

Fake Instagram profile highlights unseen dangers of drink addiction

Charity Addicte Aide ran a clever Instagram ad campaign this summer, which aimed to raise awareness about alcoholism among young people by creating a fake profile with a troubling secret. This case study looks at how the French organisation made smart use of social media to push a powerful message.

Tumblr case study: Boots body confidence campaign increases brand perception

Yahoo partnered with Boots UK for a campaign tackling low self-esteem and body confidence among young people.


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