Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

Top Google search trends of 2016: Pokémon Go beats Trump

Google has revealed its UK search engine's top trending terms of the year, with Pokémon Go and iPhone 7 outranking Donald Trump and Prince.


Fake news sites: is your brand protected in a programmatic world?

As marketers hand more and more control over to automated trading platforms, are they in danger of appearing on ‘fake news’ sites that could damage their reputation? New research suggests marketers are increasingly worried about brand safety in programmatic buying.


Google AI “makes search results more relevant than ever”- study

Google’s use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand people’s search intentions and surface the most relevant results is paying off according to new research.


Top Facebook trends of 2016: Politics, celeb deaths and the Olympics

The US Presidential Election was the most popular topic among Global Facebook users this year, discussed more than Pokémon Go, Brexit and the Olympics.

The most talked about global topics in Facebook’s 2016 Year in Review:

1. US Presidential Election

2. Brazilian Politics

3. Pokemon Go

4. Black Lives Matter

5. Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election

6. Olympics

7. Brexit

8. Super Bowl

9. David Bowie

10. Muhammad Ali

For the first time, Facebook also shared a list of the top ten global Live videos:

1. Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom

2. Ted Yoder, Soundscapes

3. Buzzfeed, Countdown to the next presidential election

4. Atlanta Buzz, People are lining up to hug police officers in Dallas

5. NBC News, Election results

6. Under the Hood, Video of a truck completely carved out of wood

7. Viral Thread, Population count from US to CA

8. CNN, Election results on Empire State building

9. Dena Blizzard, Pokemon Go for moms “Chardonnay Go”

10. Super Deluxe, Election map

The top 10 YouTube ads of 2016

The Superbowl produced five of the most watched YouTube videos of 2016, according to new data revealed by the Google-owned video site this week.


Top Tumblr trends of 2016: Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift… and a friendly Caterpillar

Tumblr has unveiled its fourth annual “Year in Review” of top trending topics on the platform in 2016, across categories including the most popular movies, actors, actresses, albums, athletes, and more, in addition to Tumblr-native categories like memes and “ships.”


Top Posts

1. Friendly Caterpillar
2. Employment Jelly
3. Rainbows
4. It's the stress
5. Like a Dream
6. Puppy love
7. Bulbasaur blooming season
8. Night Sky
9. My mind says college but…
10. Oh snap


Video case study: Cristiano Ronaldo loses his powers in Nike ad

Ahead of Euro 2016, Nike Football launched this hugely engaging long-form ad, showing Cristiano Ronaldo switch bodies with an unsuspecting ballboy, in a footballing take on classic film ‘Freaky Friday’.

Gaming case study: Arnie sparks mayhem in Mobile Strike elevator

Games maker Machine Zone spent big bucks to get Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote its latest mobile game in this super bowl ad. The gamble paid off, becoming the most viewed and shared YouTube ad of 2016.

Video case study: Mountain Dew gets weird with “PuppyMonkeyBaby”

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew’s Super bowl ad was certainly one of the strangest of the year, but, with 27 million YouTube views, it’s “PuppyMonkeyBaby” hybrid was also one of the most successful.

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