4 global search trends: US paid search reverses downward trend to rise 15%


US paid search spend increased 15% in the last quarter, after several consecutive quarters of trending downward, according to new research.


The IgnitionOne Q4 Marketing Report looks at US and global data.

Also, as Google instigates changes that prioritise consumer needs, marketers continue to barrel full speed into mobile spend, up 69% YoY.

Topics covered in the report include:

Setting the tone with Google paid search

A new intrusive interstitial penalty has proven the rise of “the age of the customer” while marketers evolve to keep up. Continued changes resulting from the addition of a 4th ad space on mobile and additional mobile-focused innovations are keeping Google ahead of the game.

Search spend resurrected after year-long slump

After several quarters of decreased spend, U.S. Google paid search spend rises from the ashes, up 15% year-over-year (YoY). The rise in spend is in part due to a shift away from branded terms and toward more generic terms, proof that marketers are still experimenting with new ways to benefit from the channel.

Smartphone spend skyrockets, tablet falters

Smartphone search spend increased an impressive 69% YoY, proving that marketers are still pouring their dollars into mobile. Meanwhile, as a result of revised modifiers from Google that allow marketers to separate tablet from desktop, tablet saw a decrease in spend of 30%.

Display spend increases with Google at the helm

U.S. programmatic display saw an increase in spend of 10% YoY in Q4. Google had a particularly strong quarter, up 43% YoY and taking 27% share of overall spend.

“The idea of customer-obsessed marketing has reached a fever pitch, and we’re seeing the data that proves it,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “Marketers are diving into mobile and focusing on personalization at every angle, while giants like Google are simultaneously sending a clear message with new policies: success means meeting the customer where they are. Increased spend across the board is proof that marketers are ready to fight for attention and results.”

The report can be accessed here.

Source: www.ignitionone.com

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