Are you a strategic, specialised and creative marketing professional? So is everyone else


LinkedIn has revealed the most overused words by marketers, including words “strategic” “specialised” and “creative”.


The list, compiled from analysis of millions of UK profiles, reveals the ten worst offenders from the past twelve months. During what is historically the busiest week in January for UK profile updates, LinkedIn is encouraging ambitious marketers to avoid buzzwords if they want to get noticed - for the right reasons.

This year’s list reveals “strategic” - which is included on over 31,000 marketers’ profiles - “specialised” and “creative” as the most overused buzzwords for UK marketers, while “leadership” and “passionate” complete the top five. “Creative” fell from the top spot in 2016 to number three this year, while words such as “successful”, “driven” and “ambitious” dropped out of the list entirely. New entries include “focused” and “expert”.

The top ten buzzwords marketers use are revealed to be:

● Strategic
● Specialised
● Creative
● Leadership
● Passionate
● Experienced
● Focused
● Enthusiastic
● Expert
● Track record

Henry Clifford-Jones, Director, Marketing Solutions - UK, DE and ES at LinkedIn, commented: “Marketing is often an industry accused of using jargon. But it seems that many marketers are using buzzwords to market not only their products, but themselves too, and this means failing to do justice to their skills or achievements. Our members are better than buzzwords, and 2017 can be the year they start to show it, by making positive changes to their professional brand.”

Steve Blakeman, Managing Director - Global Accounts, at OMD, commented: “Every time I read a LinkedIn profile I subconsciously play a game of Buzzword Bingo. “Strategic. Tick. Passionate. Tick. Innovative. Full house!” Given that people who work in marketing are meant to be experts in communication makes it all the more incomprehensible. If I read a profile with a more judicious choice of positive professional adjectives (what about accomplished, meticulous or sanguine?) then I am more likely to conclude that they are a candidate genuinely worth speaking to.”
LinkedIn also shared its top tips for members looking to avoid cliches on their professional profiles:
Nail your profile summary: First impressions matter, so as well as having a professional profile photo, your profile summary is one of the first things people see. It can be punchy, humorous, or an anecdote, but it should draw people in while giving them a succinct picture of how you and your business can help them.
Write for your clients: As a marketing professional, your LinkedIn profile needs to demonstrate your understanding of a client’s industry, not just get you your next job (which will come as a result of your career success). Publish posts with clients in mind and describe the value your organisation can bring to theirs, the problems you help solve, and why they should contact you. By offering your opinions on industry matters, you’re positioning yourself as a thought leader and sharing your knowledge.

Show, don’t tell: Were you one of the best marketers in your previous role? Don’t just say it, prove it with real numbers demonstrating the success of your latest campaigns and the impact they had. Uploading examples of presentations, design work and projects you take pride in will give people more insight into your experience.

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