Skype meets school: Live video learning platform launches


HowNow, a live video learning platform has launched, letting users take educational and lifestyle classes including, music, bookkeeping, cooking, painting and many more.

The platform is launching with more than 300 experts in 12 different countries, across 4 continents.

HowNow is launching with more than 300 experts in 12 different countries, across 4 continents.

Experts can setup a class in a matter of minutes and can sync their storefront with Google Calendar to automatically display their availability.

Experts can set up a profile on HowNow in a few minutes with the topics they teach, rates, bio, and add their availability. Learners can automatically see their availability, book a lesson and join a live one-to-one or group video class of up to nine people at the click of a link, directly from within their browser.

With HowNow, members of the public from across the world have the opportunity to learn new skills from global experts and make new friends with people who have common interests.
The digital learning service puts no limit on how many classes users can book onto, meaning they could learn something different every single day.

The experts set their own price, availability, class duration and capacity and can sign up easily as a HowNow service provider via the website. There is no set-up cost, all that is required is a laptop, webcam and internet connection.

The new video technology works on a peer-to-peer connection, reducing the bandwidth required to have a high quality video call.

HowNow was founded by Nelson Sivalingam, an entrepreneur who also founded digital streaming website One Minute London and lifestyle subscription service, Wonderush. HowNow is the natural digital evolution of Wonderush, where users previously would have to physically be at a class to experience it.

Nelson said, "I’m really excited to be launching the world’s first live video learning platform where you can learn literally anything from anywhere. Through the right kind of education, I strongly believe every human being, no matter how impoverished or illiterate, can develop a new awareness of self. There are millions of people with expertise around the world that could be teaching but don’t because of lack resources and there are millions more who do not have access to high quality teaching just because of where they are based.

“In the Internet era, lack of resources and geography should not be barriers to teaching and learning. We started HowNow to change the way the world learns by enabling anyone with expertise to teach and by empowering people to learn from each other."

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