Top 5 marketing-related searches of the year


With 2016 drawn to a close, Microsoft’s Bing Ads has released the top marketing related searches of 2016.


Personal assistants and artificial intelligence were a clear priority for marketers over the past year. Advances in chat bots and virtual assistants, such as Alexa, Cortana and Amazon Echo – as well as updates to several smartphone chat bots, were likely drivers for these search terms.

Virtual and augmented reality came second to intelligence, with the popularity of searches representing the growth of this technology throughout 2016 - and it’s likely continual development into next year.

Using data and insight from the Bing Ads Network, the top five marketing related search terms for 2016 have been revealed as:

1. Personal Assistants/ Intelligent Agents
2. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
3. Search Marketing
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Content Marketing

(*Bing UK Search Data, 1 Jan – 4 December 2016)

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