All That We Share: Heart-warming Danish ad goes viral


A promotional ad put together by Danish broadcaster TV2 has been shared by millions around the world since the English version was released less than two weeks ago.

TV2’s video ‘All That We Share’ opens with Danes walking onto a stage and stepping into squares outlined on the floor that divide them into categories like ‘High Earners’, ‘Those Just Getting By’, ‘Lifelong Danes’ and ‘New Danes’.

The 3 minute-long ad has already gained over 3 million views on YouTube. The video features people standing in ‘boxes’, sorted into groups based on things that make them different. As they answer a series of personal questions together, they begin to realise that they aren’t as separate from each other as they once thought.

The video’s message about finding common ground with your neighbour in a time of division and fear is what makes it so moving and relevant.

The English-language version of the video was posted to YouTube on January 27.
It was the same day that US President Donald Trump released an executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugees program for four months.

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