GlobalWebIndex debuts new data set to help brands boost audience profiling


GlobalWebIndex has launched a new “Brand data set” tool, offering audience-centric marketing that is set to transform the way advertisers understand their consumers.


GWI Brand surveys the audiences of hundreds of leading brands across technology, sports, fashion, entertainment, CPG/ FMCG, travel, automotive, alcohol and health, enabling marketers to compare this data aginst GWI’s core data set.

This includes leading names such as Chevrolet, American Airlines, Samsung and Starbucks, as well as film titles like Star Wars and Pirates of The Caribbean, games franchises such as Call of Duty and sports teams like New England Patriots and Manchester United.

Revealing both in-depth and high-level insights for brands, the study marks an important transition from brand trackers towards more complex, data-driven solutions.

“The purpose of GWI Brand is to enrich our Core data set with brand engagement and perception metrics, allowing our clients to profile the digital behaviors and attitudes of current vs. previous vs. non-customers across hundreds of global brands”, says Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer. “In short, it’s about creating brand-centric audiences and then comparing them to the other 8,500 data points in our data set.”

For example, clients can now distinguish between daily drinkers of Coke and Coke Zero, which when compared against GWI core reveals that Coke Zero daily drinkers are:

· 15% more likely to be on Instagram
· 33% more likely to watch videos on Snapchat
· 15% more likely to be interested in Reality TV
· 25% more likely to play games while they second screen
· 10% more likely to upload videos on Facebook, but 15% less likely to read news stories

“The possibility to find, understand and connect with brand audiences anywhere in the world opens up vast growth opportunities for our clients,” says Tom Smith, CEO and Founder. “For the first time, we’re bringing to market a single data set allowing advertisers to create and interrogate key brand audiences such as buyers, advocates, dissidents and competitive segments – this, at a worldwide scale, is an absolute first in any industry data set.”

“The launch of GWI Brand marks an important step in our efforts to quantify the perceptions and behaviors of the world’s connected consumers”, says Ali Little, Chief Operating Officer. “This is unlike any other data solution out there, significantly enhancing the ability of our clients to create more powerful, consumer-driven marketing ideas.”

Spanning across 36 countries, GWI Brand will be published as a new category within the company’s existing GWI Core data set. ‘Enterprise’ plan subscribers will be able to access the data from today onwards.

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