Oscars 2017: Most viewed trailers on YouTube


Ahead of Sunday’s show, YouTube has created a special-edition YouTube Movie Trailers Leaderboard which ranks the top performing Best Picture nominee trailers, including both studio channels and popular aggregators.


• Collectively, the nine trailers are all blockbusters represent 3 million hours of watch time1 -- that’s the equivalent of about 25 million viewings of the Oscar-nominated animated short, “Borrowed Time.”

• The most popular trailer of year on YouTube is “La La Land,” which took home the #1 spot on our Leaderboard, followed closely by “Arrival” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”1

Third party researcher Pixability has conducted research on the movie space on YouTube and found:

• While the best picture nominees span a variety of genres, superhero trailers are the most viewed overall. Superhero trailers have the highest average number of views per video,2 and Superhero, Animated, and Science Fiction trailers make up 74 of the top 100 most viewed trailers.

• While trailers are the most popular type of movie content on YouTube,2 songs (both official clips and covers by fans) are actually the most engaging type of movie content.3 “La La Land” is running away with the competition for YouTube views among the nominees for Best Original Score, with over 1 billion views of its music, both in clips the movie or covers by fans.4

Last year, 34 million people tuned in to watch the Oscars live, but the event isn't just about a few hours on a TV screen. Through digital, audiences are engaging with the Academy Awards well before, during, and after the actual event.

Movie culture plays out in many forms on YouTube -- moviegoers use video sites to watch trailers & look for more information about a film before they head to the box office. In fact, in the UK, 18% of consumers turn to online video sites to help them make a decision about cinema tickets.

Below please find the rankings of top trailers and top songs of the year, as well as methodology.


1. La La Land

Studio: Lionsgate
Media Agency: Mindshare

2. Arrival

Studio: Paramount
Media Agency: MEC

3. Hacksaw Ridge

Studio: Lionsgate
Media Agency: Mindshare

4. Lion

Studio: The Weinstein Company
Media Agency: Palisades

5. Fences

Studio: Paramount
Media Agency: MEC

6. Hidden Figures

Studio: 20th Century Fox
Media Agency: Assembly

7. Manchester by the Sea

Studio: Roadside/Amazon
Media Agency: Mindshare

8. Moonlight

Studio: A24
Media Agency: Operam

9. Hell or High Water

Studio: Lionsgate
Media Agency: Mindshare


1. La La Land - 1,516 million
2. Lion - 265 million
3. Jackie - 180 million
4. Passengers - 168 million
5. Moonlight - 156 million

Source: www.youtube.com

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