Analytics: Google sheds more light on viewability with ‘Unique Reach’ metric


Google has launched two new ad features to give advertisers more clarity on whether their campaigns are engaging with consumers: “Unique Reach” and “Watch Time”.


With "Unique Reach", customers should be able to see "the number of unique users and the average number of page views per user on all devices, surfaces and platforms". This means that marketers will be able to see how many users or page views per user has reached the advertising across different screens.

It is also adding an option that allows advertisers to understand in real-time whether their ads are holding the attention of their audience and the ones most likely to make an impact. Google says while this will break down age and gender, it won’t dissect users on an individual basis. It clarifies: “Our reporting will happen pretty real time but not instantaneously for these two new features.”

In addition ‘Watch Time” will record the viewing time of videos ads. To help provide advertisers with this critical layer of detail, watch time will be reported for in-stream and bumpers campaigns.

According to Google its viewability levels on YouTube grew to 93% globally in 2016, up from 91% in 2015. Across the web that figure grew from 54% in 2015 to 66% in 2016.

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